In the Sign of the Taurus

Directed By: Werner Hedmann


I Tyrens tegn (the international title is In the Sign of the Taurus) is the second installment of the Zodiac Films, a series of six films released in Denmark in the 1970s, each associated with a different zodiac sign. The first was associated with Virgo; this one is associated with Taurus.
In a small town in Denmark, a libertine count dies, leaving all the citizens in despair. The count paid taxes for everyone, and now the testament speaks clearly: his inheritance will go to the child who will be born in nine and a half months, under the sign of Taurus, with the obligation to continue to pay for everyone. And there is another rule: the pregnancy must come outside the marital bed. Otherwise, all the money will go to a cattery.
The first to try her hand at the task is Susanne Breuning, who gets a man through the window, glamorizes him with fabulous full-frontal nudity, and then has sex with him. A couple of minutes later, we witness a dreamlike scene, with the count in hell, watching the performance of several nude dancers, among whom we recognize Louise Frevert and Anne Bie Warburg. Seven minutes later, the count’s two maids turn us on with a beautiful lesbian scene. One is Suzanne Bjerrehuus, the other we don’t know. Immediately after, we are confronted by a group of naked actresses playing with bananas. There are Lene Andersen, Lisbeth Olsen, Lone Gersel, Vivi Rau, and a couple of other actresses. After the theory with the banana, Lisbeth Olsen practices with a real cock. The girl, along with two other actresses, goes to change in the cabin of a river plant. The three girls discover glory holes in a wall, used by three guys in the next cabin, and throw themselves on erect cocks. Meanwhile, Lone Gersel goes to the barber to have her pussy shaved. The result is perfect.
Back to the girl group with banana, then back to dance, this time with a can-can performance. Among the many actresses dancing while showing us tits and ass, we recognize only Louise Frevert. Five minutes later, Lizzy (yes, simply Lizzy) has sex with a man in the middle of the lawn. In the same meadow, by the river, Lene Andersen blows a man, then indulges in anal. Six minutes later, Lone Helmer stands on a table, surrounded by men, and strips completely naked, then leaves. The hardcore scenes are not over yet, and Anne Bie Warburg gives us a good fuck on a bed.

Nude scenes