Io cristiana studentessa degli scandali nude scenes

Io cristiana studentessa degli scandali

Directed By: Sergio Bergonzelli


Io cristiana studentessa degli scandali is a rare film from the early 1970s, directed by Sergio Bergonzelli. Students are demonstrating for their rights and sexual freedom and a professor is seduced – by a bet – by a student. But the student will end up falling in love with him.
The main reason for appreciating this film is the same for all the films in which Malisa Longo appears: Malisa Longo nude. This actress has starred in great films and mediocre films, but every time she takes off her clothes there are no thoughts for anything else. Malisa Longo is one of the most beautiful women of Italian cinema between the end of the 60s and the 90s. Along with her in this film, there are also two other very intriguing beauties: Antonella Murgia and Patricia Reed.

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