Ke apo bros ke apo pisso

Directed By: Vagelis Papadimas


Ke apo bros ke apo pisso is one of the hard films produced in Greece that feature two Italian porn stars, Guia Lauri Filzi and Antonella Simonetti. The film is known in Italy under the title A doppio gusto. All the sequences of these two actresses were taken from another film, I Erastes (tis pisso Portas), which never made it out of Hellenic borders.
The plot is basic: a mechanic has a sexual romp with clients and friends.
First to perform is Greek actress Katerina Spathi, engaged in a threesome that begins with oral sex and ends with double penetration. This is one of the rare double penetrations in Greek cinema, and probably the first.
Later there is a sex scene with Antonella Simonetti, taken from I Erastes (tis pisso Portas) and with slightly different editing. Katerina Spathi stars in another unedited scene: the woman is in the shower and masturbating. Also, she is engaged in another threesome, which is the last hard scene in the film.

Nude scenes