Kiss Me Monster

Directed By: Jesús Franco


Shortly after the release of Sadisterotica, Jesús Franco releases the sequel: Küss mich, Monster (known internationally as Kiss Me Monster). The two detectives (Janine Reynaud and Rosanna Yanni) must find a professor and his miracle formula; both of whom have disappeared.
After the first twenty-one minutes, Dorit Dom is performing a dance that is definitely a continuation of the one seen in the previous film. Ten minutes later, Janine Reynaud and Rosanna Yanni emerge from a pool, wearing two stunning bikinis. Five minutes later, the two actresses are engaged in an intriguing sexy show, ending with a topless Janine Reynaud. Later, we enjoy a couple of scenes with Ana Casares: first, she wears a transparent T-shirt, then she takes a relaxing bath.

Nude scenes