Directed By: Jesús Franco


The original title of the film is Rote Lippen, Sadisterotica, but it’s simply known as Sadisterotica or, internationally, Two Undercover Angels.
Two female detectives are investigating the disappearance of several models. A weird pop painter and his werewolf-like assistant are the main suspects.
The title suggests that we will see sadism and eroticism, classic ingredients of Jesús Franco’s cinema, but this film is essentially a comedy contaminated by thriller and the sensuality of the female leads (Janine Reynaud and Rosanna Yanni).
Even before the opening credits, María Antonia Redondo undresses and goes to meet her fate. Ten minutes later, Janine Reynaud is massaging Rosanna Yanni‘s back. Both actresses are very arousing. Sixteen minutes later, Dorit Dom performs a very sexy dance, during which she rips her dress. We find the actress again after seven minutes, and she’s still dancing, this time inside a cage. About ten minutes later, Janine Reynaud and Rosanna Yanni star in a very intriguing bikini scene. A minute later the actresses are wearing other swimsuits. Rosanna Yanni almost completely uncovers her breasts.

Nude scenes