L’amante scomoda

Directed By: Luigi Russo


Early 1990s erotic thriller by director Luigi Russo. A man is married to a beautiful, algid woman (Linda Carol). The desire for sex is strong, and the man cheats on his wife with a much more available and uninhibited woman (Cristina Garavaglia, credited as Christy Landers). When the man decides to break off the relationship with his mistress and she disagrees, he thinks of a drastic solution to solve the problem.
The film starts off great right away, with two simultaneous sex scenes performed by Cristina Garavaglia and Linda Carol. One minute later, the protagonist admires Cristina Garavaglia naked in the mirror. Less than five minutes later, Cristina Garavaglia has sex with a man on the beach. The actress is engaged in another sex scene a minute later. She and a man are fucking inside a car. Another minute passes and Cristina has sex while sitting on the handrail of a wooden staircase.
Ten minutes later, Linda Carol is in bed with her man, uncovering her breasts. He would like to have sex; she doesn’t. The man dreams of having sex with Cristina Garavaglia while Linda sleeps beside him. A very long sequence follows: Cristina Garavaglia plunges into the bathtub to relax, but a man tries to kill her by drowning her. She manages to escape and runs naked through the house. The man catches up with her and there is a scuffle between the two. This is a very long sequence, alternating with other moments in the film. It ends outside, with the actress running completely naked, pursued by a jeep.

Nude scenes