La stanza delle parole

Directed By: Franco Molè


In the 1980s, Italian director Joe D’Amato founded his own production company, Filmirage, which produced films mostly made in America.
In 1990, to take advantage of the success of Henry & June, Filmirage produced this La stanza delle parole, directed by Franco Molè.
Anaïs Nin (Martine Brochard), painter and writer, meets the famous writer Henry Miller and his wife June (Linda Carol). The writer falls in love with June and between the two women, there is also be a moment of sexual intimacy.
The erotic sequences of this rare film, released only on VHS in the 90s, are very intriguing. Linda Carol undresses most of all, but we can also admire the full-frontal nudes of Martine Brochard and Colette De la Croix.
There is a small part by Laura Gemser, an actress very close to Joe D’Amato. The Indonesian actress is the film’s costume designer (credited with her real name Laurette Marcia Gemser), but she also plays a small cameo as a lesbian masseuse.

Nude scenes