School Spirit

Directed By: Alan Holleb


A horny student is about to fuck with a girl, but he’s left without condoms. The young man gets in the car and runs to buy them at a vending machine, but has an accident and dies. From this moment, as a ghost, he can make himself tangible or incorporeal at will. With the help of another ghost, old Uncle Pinky, the boy embarks on several sexual adventures with the schoolgirls.
The first adventure as an invisible man is in the school showers. Using the power of invisibility, the protagonist goes to spy on the students taking a shower, and we recognize Marlene Janssen and Pamela Ward. Later, we can admire a sexy scene on the sofa, with Elizabeth Foxx in a bra. After two minutes, we can admire Marta Kober in a bikini.
Later we see Marlene Janssen naked again, while she’s sleeping. The protagonist makes himself invisible and undresses her. Half an hour later, the nude scenes conclude at a student party, where various topless girls have fun on an oil-soaked slide and then have a fight in the pool. Among these, we recognize Becky LeBeau, Jackie Easton, Leslee Bremmer, and Linda Carol.

Nude scenes