L’insegnante balla… con tutta la classe

Directed By: Giuliano Carnimeo


Female dance instructor Claudia Gambetti (Nadia Cassini) gets a job teaching gymnastics at a school. Claudia teaches female students athletic dance instead of gymnastics.
L’insegnante balla… con tutta la classe is one of the most famous Italian sexy comedies, as it was widely broadcast on local TV channels during the 1980s. Despite a cast full of leading characters, the absolute star is Nadia Cassini’s ass.
In the opening credits, we see Nadia Cassini wearing a super sexy outfit: hot shorts and a tight T-shirt showing puffy nipples. Several minutes later, Paola Morra is petting her boyfriend in the car.
The next scene takes place in the gymnasium locker room. Gym girls show us their tits as they prepare for gymnastics. We recognize Maria Grazia Smaldone and Paola Morra.
Ten minutes later, Nadia Cassini gives a private lesson to the school principal. A very erotic gymnastics lesson. Another instant erection lesson follows shortly thereafter. Paola Morra and her boyfriend have sex on a bed in the next scene.
In a hotel room, we find the girls from the locker room. They are almost all naked and we can admire Paola Morra’s tits, asses, and pussy. Next, one of the most famous sequences of Nadia Cassini, completely naked in the sauna, ready for a massage.

Nude scenes