L’assistente sociale tutta pepe

Directed By: Nando Cicero


Nadia (Nadia Cassini) is a social worker who cares for the residents of a disadvantaged neighborhood. The woman divides her time between work and her dream of becoming a pop star. The woman falls in love with a con man and ends up involved in a robbery.
L’assistente sociale tutto pepe is a sexy Italian comedy made by Nando Cicero. The plot is functional to Nadia Cassini‘s talents: singing and the perfect ass. One of the most beautiful asses in the world.
The actress has never undressed much in films, despite being one of the most remembered names in sexy comedy, but in this film, she gives us several interesting sequences, including a breathtaking full-frontal nude in the shower, which is the first scene of the film.
Fifteen minutes later we admire Nadia Cassini naked again, and again in the shower. A moment later the actress is in the pool, wearing a stunning bikini. From the pool, we move on to the sea. Nadia takes off her clothes on the beach, then dives into the surf and gives us the second full-frontal nude of the film.

Nude scenes