Il dio serpente

Directed By: Piero Vivarelli


Paola (Nadia Cassini) is experiencing the final moments of an unsatisfactory marriage. She and her husband move to an island in the Caribbean, where Paola befriends Stella (Beryl Cunningham), a local woman.
When Paola’s husband goes on a business trip, the two women start dating constantly, and Stella introduces Paola to voodoo rituals.
Il dio serpente is an erotic-exotic film from 1970, shot by Piero Vivarelli. The main protagonist is Nadia Cassini, practically in her film debut. In her early twenties, Nadia Cassini is a real stunner.
The film runs slowly, but the erotic charge of the protagonist is very high. The exciting sequences are varied: Nadia Cassini in convulsions dancing in a voodoo rite, Beryl Cunningham and Nadia Cassini exchanging their clothes, Nadia Cassini‘s full-frontal nude on a deserted beach, and much more.
Nadia Cassini was famous for having the most beautiful ass in the world, yet Piero Vivarelli’s camera mainly focuses on the actress’s breasts. We don’t complain about it, because this 20-year-old has two magnificent, round, and perfect tits.

Nude scenes