La città delle donne

Directed By: Federico Fellini


A middle-aged womanizer meets a charming woman on a train, who seduces him. He follows her, and ends up in a strange hotel in the middle of nowhere, where there is a feminist congress. With La città delle donne (AKA City of Women), Italian director Federico Fellini tells us his vision of the female world, and the male protagonist seems to be his alter-ego.
In the 45th minute, Jole Silvani is in a greenhouse together with a man. She turns toward him, offering him her bare breasts. Soon after, the two throw themselves to the ground for sex, disturbed by a chicken. Fifty minutes later, Donatella Damiani and Rosaria Tafuri perform a sexy dance in skimpy clothes. The two actresses don’t strip completely, but we can admire a lot of bare skin, including perfect asses. In the next scene the protagonist prepares to go to bed, aided by some women, including Donatella Damiani and Rosaria Tafuri, who are wearing the same clothes. On this bed the man has sex with Anna Prucnal a minute later. We can see Anna Prucnal naked entering the room (she’s wearing a white robe, but it’s open at the front) and then riding the man lying in bed. The actress is not wearing underwear, but only a pair of pantyhose. Ten minutes later, Stéphanie Loïk walks down the stairs with a military stride. The actress wears a fishnet dress that allows us to look at her beautiful breasts. The woman leads a man into a bedroom and has sex with him. She is on top and is framed from behind. The actress has a gigantic, prostatic ass.

Nude scenes