La locanda della maladolescenza

Directed By: Bruno A. Gaburro


There are some films that are really essential for lovers of Italian nude actresses. One is surely La locanda della maladolescenza.
The story is certainly of low quality. The protagonist is an orphan and naive woman who ends up prostituting herself in the inn of a former maid of a brothel. A tight budget, scanty sets, but fabulous actresses. First of all, the beautiful Paola Montenero, who here interprets the maitresse and gives us a fabulous sequence, in which Marcella Petrelli shaves her pussy.
Marcella Petrelli plays the main protagonist and is involved in many sex sequences. Even a hardcore scene, a threesome with Guia Lauri Filzi. The penetration sequences, however, are inserts placed in the editing phase. The only original hardcore sequences are those played by Guia Lauri Filzi, who in the 80s was a rather popular porn star.
The actress Maria Cafiero was also very nice, but her career in the world of cinema was really short. She only acted in another couple of films, including Il succo del sesso.

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