The Girl from Cortina

Directed By: Maurizio Vanni


Mara (Vanessa Gravina) is a woman harassed by an abusive husband. She pretends to be dead and tries to build a new life elsewhere. Of course, it’s not so easy, and her husband reappears in her life. La ragazza di Cortina (AKA The Girl from Cortina) is a decent thriller with some interesting sexy sequences involving the lead actresses Vanessa Gravina and Isabel Russinova.
In the first nude scene, Vanessa Gravina undresses for her husband, who is intent on painting a picture of her. She is shy; he would like her to be more aggressive.
Later, Vanessa Gravina is relaxing in a Turkish bath. A very uninhibited couple enters the sauna with her. The woman is Isabel Russinova, naked and sensual. The next scene takes place again in the Turkish bath. Again there are Isabel Russinova and Vanessa Gravina, naked.
Ten minutes later, there is a sequence for pantyhose lovers, with Vanessa Gravina in the lead. Later, we find Isabel Russinova and Vanessa Gravina again. The former topless, the latter in a sexy white bra. A last short scene with Vanessa Gravina naked closes the list of hot sequences.

Nude scenes