La studentessa

Directed By: Fabio Piccioni


It’s not easy to define this rare film made in 1976 by director Fabio Piccioni. La studentessa tells the story of a girl who sinks into vice day after day, in a context of juvenile dialogue that we consider overplayed. The version circulated after the censors’ chops have several cuts, but the uncut version is inexistent.
After 24 minutes, Christiana Borghi shows pussy in a quick amateur photo shoot. The photographer is Lorraine De Selle, who has her shirt unbuttoned, but her boobs are not visible. A minute later, the two actresses are in bed together in a soft lesbian sequence. Thirty seconds later, Lorraine De Selle is straddling a man. Three minutes pass and we find Christiana Borghi having sex with herself leaning against a mirror. Another sex scene comes after fourteen minutes: Christiana Borghi undresses in front of a man and then lies on the floor with him. Twenty minutes later Christiana stars in another sex scene, in bed with a man.

Nude scenes