Il demonio nel cervello

Directed By: Marco Masi


Il demonio del cervello is a rare Italian film set in Texas. In a remote petrol station live a guy and his partner (Luigia Giuri), a mute girl. A handsome guy on a motorbike and a couple in a car stop at the petrol station. He is a rich and elderly man, she (Christiana Borghi) is the young and beautiful girlfriend. In the solitude of the place, everyone imagines hypothetical scenarios with each other.
In the twelfth minute Christiana Borghi kisses a man under a tree. He unbuttons her shirt and frees her breasts. A moment later the two are playing in the waters of a pond. Christiana Borghi is totally naked. Twelve minutes later there is a gory scene. A man kills Christiana, then rips off her clothes, but don’t worry, she was only daydreaming. Nine minutes later the actress undresses in front of a man tied to a tree, then has sex with another man. Six minutes later Luigia Giuri wears a dress with her breasts completely exposed. She is standing in a hay field in front of a man. The two embrace, kiss and lie on the ground to have sex. In the following scene Luigia is washing clothes at the river. A man jumps on her and rips off her clothes, then stops and apologises as he walks away. Sixteen minutes later Luigia Giuri is leaning against the wall of an abandoned ruin in a forest. She pulls down her dress and shows her tits to a man in front of her.

Nude scenes