El amante bilingüe

Directed By: Vicente Aranda


A young and modest man meets a beautiful and rich woman (Ornella Muti). The two marry almost immediately. After a few years, differences between the two sour the relationship. He’s a street singer, she’s an established sociolinguist. In addition, the woman has great sexual appetites and cheats on him.
In 1993 Spanish director Vicente Aranda made El amante bilingüe, perhaps the hottest film starring Ornella Muti. Things turn on right after the opening credits. We find Ornella Muti naked and sitting on the bed. In front of her is a naked man and she has hung a shoe on his cock (yes, you read that right, a shoe hanging on the guy’s cock). From behind a door her husband spies her disconsolately, and when she notices, she stands up and leaves, showing us a breathtaking full-frontal nude. Ornella locks herself in the bathroom and puts on her pantyhose without wearing panties. Three minutes later, Ornella Muti is lying on the floor, a man has his hand in her panties and masturbates her.
One minute later, Ornella is lying in bed, naked, hanging another shoe on a man’s cock. About seventy minutes later, Loles León nude is crawling on the bed, inviting a man to take her from behind. Soon after, Ornella Muti and a mustachioed man kiss with tongue, then the shoe scene is repeated. The actress is lying naked on the bed and we watch from behind as she rests her shoe on the man’s penis. A long sex scene follows, ending with a full-frontal nude of Ornella Muti. The actress removes a fake mustache from her pubic hair.

Nude scenes