Laß jucken, Kumpel 3. Teil

Directed By: Franz Marischka


The long original title of this film is Laß jucken, Kumpel 3. Teil – Maloche, Bier und Bett. The story is connected to the meager events narrated in the first and second chapter. The protagonist of the first two films died in an accident at work and his wife (Anne Graf) is sad.
Marie-France Morel offers the first sex scene to us, fucked doggy style in the kitchen. Unfortunately, her partner burns his ass by placing it on a burning stove. Later, we witness a very sexy scene played by Renate Kasché, who takes off a shoe and massages a man between his legs with her foot, under a table. Excited, the two go outside and have sex on a swing.
Soon after, Anne Graf has sex with a man in a hotel room. Next to them, a man is sleeping on the sofa. Three minutes later, Helga Bender seduces a man. The woman is wearing lingerie, black stockings, and a blonde wig.
Eva Gross plays a very eager Russian soldier who has sex with her superior to allow two soldiers to escape.
Ten minutes later we can admire the nudities of Doris Delaas, Felicitas Peters, Renate Markl, and Rosemarie Schubert, who play four prostitutes in a military brothel.
In the following long scene, Marie-France Morel is making love to a man spied on by Helga Bender and another man. The two voyeurs get turned on and start having sex. The situation is reversed, and now Marie-France Morel and her partner are spying on spies.
Ulrike Butz plays the last nude scene, immersed in the bathtub.

Nude scenes