Laß jucken Kumpel 2. Teil: Das Bullenkloster

Directed By: Franz Marischka


The film follows the events of the first chapter. Mining employee Heiner Lenz lives in a dormitory after getting divorced from his wife (Anne Graf). After a long list of sexual adventures, Heiner and his wife reconcile and restore their family happiness.
For almost a quarter of an hour no one undresses, then finally the first naked arrives. Helga Bender takes off her clothes and has sex on a cot with her partner. Anne Graf is the protagonist of the second sex scene. After a few minutes, we can admire the striptease of the blonde Julia Tomas.
Later, Michaela Roos admires her body in the mirror, touches herself between her legs, and then sits down to shave her pussy. Her partner really appreciates her shaved pussy and they both have sex. A moment later, Helga Bender and a man are fucking lying on sacks of potatoes. Another sex scene, this time in a bathtub, is with the intriguing Marisa Feldy. Fifteen minutes later, Marisa Feldy has another sexual performance, in a bed. This actress has a fabulous body.
Claudia Fielers and Anne Graf give us the last two nude scenes of the film.

Nude scenes