Le notti segrete di Lucrezia Borgia

Directed By: Roberto Bianchi Montero


In 1506 the Duke of Riveria y Fuentes was sent to Rome by King Philip of Spain for an alliance with the Pope. On the way to Rome, the Duke is taken prisoner by the bandit Duccio. Duccio goes to Rome with the Duke’s credentials, meets the nobles, and spends an enchanting night of passion with Lucrecia Borgia (Sirpa Lane).
Italian-Spanish production and yet another screen portrayal of the femme fatale Lucrezia Borgia. Of course, there is no shortage of nude actresses. In the Borgia palace, we find Sirpa Lane naked, in bed. A man is giving her a massage and she delights us with a full-frontal nude.
Ten minutes later María Salerno is having sex with a man at a costume party. Her husband surprises her and she runs away. Shortly after, the tables turn, and María Salerno finds her husband in bed with two naked actresses (unidentified). The woman chases them away, then undresses and gets into bed to fornicate with her husband. Five minutes later, Françoise Perrot comes up the stairs showing her ass to a man, who is very aroused by the sight. And indeed, the two end up having sex. At the same time, Sirpa Lane is having sex with a man in the bedroom.
Seven minutes later, we appreciate a full-frontal nude of Françoise Perrot having sex with a man in a woodshed. Sirpa Lane and María Salerno have sex in a barn, each with a different man. Before the film ends, Sirpa Lane takes a bath in a wooden basin, then innkeeper Carmen Carrión has sex with a man.

Nude scenes