Le Sexe qui parle II

Directed By: Claude Mulot


Sequel of Le Sexe Qui Parle (AKA Pussy Talk), as can be guessed from the title. There is a virus out there that gives the genitals the ability to speak. The infection spreads rapidly and has now reached all social classes.
The best scenes are offered by Jenny Feeling. Among the many, we point out a long blowjob to the protagonist and a fuck in a transparent bathtub. In addition, a threesome with the participation of Barbara Moose.
France Lomay presents us the first fuck of the film, together with a faceless man. Blonde Gwenda Farnel arrives right after, but there’s only an oral sex scene for her. Another blonde, Danièle Troeger, offers us the full service: blowjob and fuck.
Other actresses in the film are Liliane Lemieuvre and Lucie Doll, who also give us a short lesbian sequence.

Nude scenes