Los Verduleros 2

Directed By: Adolfo Martínez Solares


The second installment of the trilogy that begins with Los Verduleros. The two protagonists must deal with punk assassins, attackers, and Police Academy situations.
For the first half hour, no one gets naked, then finally Yirah Aparicio enters the scene. The actress plays an unfaithful wife, who unwittingly turns into a prostitute, more for pleasure than money. We see her in a sex scene with two men. Five minutes later, sexy policewoman, Lina Santos does a striptease. Later, a long sex scene with Yirah Aparicio. This actress performs the totality of the nude scenes in this film, and twelve minutes later she undresses in a dressing room, spied on by the main character. After changing, the woman meets a man and the two have sex in the passenger compartment of a car.

Nude scenes