Directed By: Leonida Leoncini


Malabestia is a little-known Italian comedy. It tells the stories of some Roman people during the 1975 Holy Year. The plots range between comic and dramatic.
The first to undress is Inga Alexandrova. We find her naked in the shower. The algid Sirpa Lane is the protagonist of the second nude scene. This sequence also takes place in the shower, but later moves to a comfortable hotel room bed. Sirpa Lane delights us with breathtaking full-frontal nudity.
Less than ten minutes later, the camera returns to the hotel room. Sirpa Lane is still naked, but she’s getting dressed and wearing black stockings and garter belts. We have to wait 34 minutes, then there is a new nude scene, again with Sirpa. The actress undresses to go to bed. We find her in bed the next morning, topless, with her breakfast tray. In this hotel room, Sirpa Lane undresses three more times. Before the film’s end, Inga Alexandrova undresses a second time, for a sex scene.
The film also features sexy icon Femi Benussi, but unfortunately, she doesn’t undress.

Nude scenes