SS Experiment Love Camp

Directed By: Sergio Garrone


From the title of this film it’s easy to guess the genre: Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandatur (AKA SS Experiment Love Camp). In Italy these films were categorized in the Nazi-porn genre, a definition coined by a Ministry of Entertainment officer in the 1970s, even though there are no pornographic scenes. They are a handful of titles, telling much the same story: naked women in the hands of dirty, sadistic Nazis.
In this film, a Nazi colonel has been bitten on the penis by a Jewish girl, and is now a resentful emasculated man. In the camp, the colonel matches female prisoners with the bravest German soldiers, looking for a suitable sex organ, to be explanted and transplanted onto himself. In the sixth minute Almina De Sanzio, Paola Corazzi,Inga Alexandrova and other nude actresses are escorted into the showers by some military men. We witness a jubilation of full-frontal nudes, then the girls go to the medical examination. More nudity. Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Renke (Patrizia Melega) decides to give Almina De Sanzio a thorough examination, giving us a beautiful lesbian scene. Three minutes later, Inga Alexandrova, Paola Corazzi and an unknown actress are led into another experiment room to have sex with three German soldiers. In the twenty minutes that follow we watch the nudes of Almina De Sanzio and Inga Alexandrova, then witness a threesome. The colonel watches Leda Simonetti and another girl having sex with a soldier. Seventeen minutes later the sexual experiments continue and this time we admire Agnes Kalpagos naked as she has sex with a soldier. Two minutes later, Paola Corazzi catches up with a man looking out the window, takes off her clothes, and has sex with him. Toward the end of the film, Almina De Sanzio and Inga Alexandrova are participating in an orgy in the colonel’s house, then comes the moment of revolution, escape, and the end credits.
A final note: This film was shot at the same time as SS Lager 5: L’inferno delle donne.

Nude scenes