Malabimba nude scenes


Directed By: Andrea Bianchi


Malabimba is a 1979 Italian sexy horror film, directed by Andrea Bianchi under the pseudonym Andrew White, a name he will use for his hardcore production of the 80s. A bit of hardcore is also present in this film, but these are segments inserted during the film editing; the leading actresses did not shoot hard scenes, unfortunately.
The plot is simple: during a spirit session, an evil spirit is evoked, which will take possession of a young and naive girl. The girl will radically change her personality and become a sexual predator.
The best actresses in the film are Patrizia Webley‘s big boobs. We love this actress, who often gives memorable sequences. This is one of the films where Webley indulges herself most, offering us some highly erotic scenes. Another icon of the cinema of those times is Mariangela Giordano, who plays a nun here. First, she offers us a scene in which she masturbates, then she performs some lesbian sequences with the protagonist of the film.
Katell Laennec is the main protagonist. Very intriguing, she will disappear from the scenes after this film. What a pity.

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