Malibu Express

Directed By: Andy Sidaris


With Malibu Express, Andy Sidaris makes a remake of his first film, Stacey. The plot is similar, but the protagonist is a man. A very interesting action movie, as well as full of nude actresses, many of them coming from the pages of Playboy.
For lovers of the 80s, car racing, fistfights, and country music. But especially for lovers of big tits and bikinis. Malibu Express is in fact the first of a series of twelve Andy Sidaris films that were informally classified as Triple-B: “Bullets, Bombs, and Babes” or “Bullets, Bombs, and Boobs”.
Let’s start with Playmate Lynda Wiesmeier‘s big tits, who strips in front of the detective. Following, Barbara Edwards and Kimberly McArthur naked in the shower. Shortly after, the busty Sybil Danning enters the scene; she delights us with provocative clothes and a sex sequence.
And the list of nude actresses continues with Shelley Taylor Morgan, Lorraine Michaels, Alex Preissman, Shanna McCullough, and Suzanne Regard.

Nude scenes