Mare fuori (Season 1)

Directed By: Carmine Elia


Mare fuori is a television series that tells the troubled stories of the guests of a juvenile prison in Naples. There are 50 males and 20 females in the prison.
It’s a very interesting television series, which also gives some good moments to us fans of nude actresses. Noemi Gherrero has the best scene: she surprises a guy in a hotel room and drops her black trench coat to the floor. The girl is wearing only a bra and thong. Right after that, she shows us her perfect tits.
The other two nude actresses are Clotilde Esposito and Giovanna Sannino, but we can admire many other beautiful girls in sexy clothing: Ludovica Coscione, Valentina Romani, India Santella and Chiara Primavesi.

Nude scenes