Mare fuori (Season 3)

Directed By: Ivan Silvestrini


Mare Fuori is one of the biggest hits on Italian television in the 2000s. It tells the story of young inmates in southern Italy, with their passions and loves. Many of these guys ended up in prison because of their toxic backgrounds and culture, but they are certainly salvageable.
The first and second seasons also pleased us in terms of nude actresses, with some very beautiful and sensual scenes. The third season also gives us some hot moments.
In the first episode, we can watch a long sex scene with Valentina Romani, as the lighting in the room slowly changes colors. The actress undresses, but there are flesh-colored pasties on her boobs, unfortunately. Still, it’s a very intriguing sequence. In the third episode, a girl pulls down Serena De Ferrari‘s pants and we can see the perfect ass of this young actress.
In episode six, Serena De Ferrari comes out of the shower completely naked, then gives a French kiss to Maria Esposito. Unfortunately, the scene ends with a slap in the face. In episode eight Giovanna Sannino has sex with her newly married husband. First, she’s on the bottom, then she’s on top. Little bare skin is seen, but there are a lot of arousal. In the eleventh episode, Giovanna Sannino takes a shower and we see her from behind frosted glass. Finally, in episode 12 Clotilde Esposito delights us with black lingerie.

Nude scenes