Mare fuori (Season 4)

Directed By: Ivan Silvestrini


Mare fuori (AKA The Sea Beyond) is an Italian television series that has been a huge success since its first season. The series takes place in a fictional juvenile prison, inspired by the Nisida prison in Naples. It chronicles the vicissitudes of inmates, many of them sons of Camorra gangsters. The fourth season was divided into two parts. The first six episodes were released on Feb. 1, 2024. The remaining six on Feb. 14, 2024.
At the end of the first episode Ludovica Coscione has sex with a guy on a hospital bed. No nudity, but it is a very erotic sequence. At the seventh minute of the second episode there is another sex scene with no nudity, but very horny. Giovanna Sannino is sitting on top of a guy and riding him, her beautiful thighs exposed. He pulls down her shirt and she is left in a lilac bra. At the beginning of the fourth episode Desiree Popper is sitting naked on the bed and covering her breasts with her hands. A man puts a blanket over her, then she lies down. This is the season of sex scenes with clothes on: in the fifth episode, at the thirty-sixth minute, we see Carmen Di Marzo riding a man on a couch enjoying herself. In the 14th minute of episode 7, Maria Esposito gives us a sexy scene in the prison showers. At the forty-seventh minute of episode 10 we admire Kyshan Wilson naked. The girl is sitting on the bed and a guy starts undressing her, then she lies down and waits for him. He takes a condom from the nightstand, then gets on top of her. The two have sex in a nice sequence. In the 27th minute of episode 11, Andrea Lucrezia Perreca runs along the beach toward the sea. The girl is wearing only a thong and bra. At the end of the thirteenth episode we enjoy a beautiful sex scene on the beach with the charming Maria Esposito naked. At the twelfth minute of episode fourteen there is a sexy scene with Ludovica Coscione. At the end of the scene we see her lying on her stomach on a bed wearing only a pair of thongs.

Nude scenes