Directed By: Andrea Bianchi


A director of a horror film decides to invite a medium to the set as a consultant. The medium and the entire cast have a séance, but the spirit of a serial killer gets out of control and begins to claim victims. Massacre is a 1988 horror film, seventh in a series of films collected under the heading “Lucio Fulci Presents.” Films produced for the television circuit, considered too violent and not broadcast until several years later.
In the ninth minute Patrizia Falcone enters the house and undresses, then takes a shower. A man joins her and the two begin to make out. We see Patrizia Falcone again in an intriguing scene ten minutes later. The actress is slipping into thigh-high stockings and meanwhile talking to Lubka Lenzi, lying in bed in a sexy miniskirt and black stockings. In the following scene, Silvia Conti undresses for a man who is spying on her through the window. The woman shows him her large breasts and smiles. Half an hour later Manya appears in a car with a man in the woods at night. Bad location for fucking in a horror movie, but we still manage to look at her tits before fate takes its toll.

Nude scenes