Nuda è arrivata la straniera

Directed By: Lorenzo Onorati


In a long interview with a journalist, the famous American designer Tracy Foster makes a revelation: her name is not Tracy and she’s Italian. Her name is Patrizia and she changed her name to remember a dear friend of hers, killed years ago.
The woman also tells her past love story with a photographer; for us, her memories are fabulous visions, screen projections of her erotic performances.
The sexy blonde Miriam Axa gives us a lot of hot scenes, some of a very strong softcore. On some occasions, we can see the actress’s hand brushing or grabbing her partner’s penis. Finally, the sex scenes involving other nude actresses along with Miriam Axa, such as Carmen Di Pietro and Debora Calì, are very exciting. In the film there is also a scene in which we see the shadow of the protagonist giving a blowjob to her partner; the camera frames the woman’s ass and the shadow on the wall. However, this is not Miriam Axa, but a scene from another Onorati movie: Abat-Jour. The girl who sucks is Baby Pozzi.
Sequences taken from an extremely rare film, also known as Madame,nuda è arrivata la straniera.

Nude scenes