Orphan Black (Season 4)

Directed By: John Fawcett


Orphan Black is in its fourth season (the others we have analyzed here, here, and here) and the history of the most famous clones of television continues to evolve. We do not give you spoilers, except those related to nudity… which are not in the fourth season. Tatiana Maslany manages to turn us on a lot, but she is more covered than usual.
The first three sexy scenes are in the first episode, then we have to wait until the fifth to enjoy more sexy scenes, this time with Tatiana Maslany in a blonde version. Arriving in the seventh episode, Tatiana Maslany excites us even more. This time in a threesome with Brooke Palsson (both clothed) and then sucking her partner’s finger. In the ninth episode, she sex scene in the brunette version, and in the tenth sex scene in the blonde version.

Nude scenes