Perfect Education 2: 40 Days of Love

Directed By: Yôichi Nishiyama


The original title is Kanzen-naru shiiku: Ai no 40-nichi (the international one is Perfect Education 2: 40 Days of Love) and is the second installment of a saga that began with The Perfect Education. These are Japanese films with comic book plots, which may be incomprehensible or misinterpretable to Western audiences. Again, the plot is about a man who kidnaps a woman to teach her how to become his perfect lover. We don’t agree with the story, but we are happy to share Rie Fukami‘s nude, the film’s protagonist.
Rie Fukami is naked after the first nineteen minutes of the film. The girl is topless while the main character is photographing her. Eight minutes later, the actress gets out of bed to go to the bathroom, still topless. Twenty-five minutes later, Rie Fukami is having sex with little enthusiasm. One minute later, the male lead is washing Rie Fukami, who is sitting in a basin. Fifteen minutes later, the actress is having sex again, this time with much more enthusiasm.

Nude scenes