Directed By: Danny Boyle


Based on the autobiography of guitarist Steve Jones, Pistol tells in six television episodes the birth of the band that started the punk revolution in Britain: the Sex Pistols. Over the course of the six episodes, we are lucky enough to admire some very intriguing nude actresses.
Let’s start with the bad news: Maisie Williams naked in the second episode is not really naked. The boobs under the clear plastic shirt are prosthetics. Some screenshots have made the rounds on the net, but we cannot categorize this scene as a nude sequence.
The first nude scene is of Sydney Chandler, in the third episode. Sydney is a beautiful girl with a stunning body. She performs a wonderful sex scene. More sex we see in the fourth episode. More Sydney, still naked in bed with her partner.
In the fifth episode, there is another sex scene, starring Emma Appleton.

Nude scenes