Directed By: Bruno Mattei


Francesca (Dana Ceci) is watching a porn movie. The woman gets so excited that she calls the production house and becomes a porn actress. This is the opening of Privè, an erotic film created by the director Bruno Mattei in the early 2000s. The leading actress is exquisite; unfortunately, this was her only cinematic experience.
The interesting scenes for us are several. It starts with Dana Ceci getting dressed in front of the mirror, showing us and her partner a perfect ass. Soon after, the woman is in bed with her man. The two have sex and he licks her on her belly and legs. In the following scene, Dana Ceci and Emanuela D’Alterio take a refreshing shower after a tennis match.
Next scene: Dana Ceci in black lingerie and stockings watches a porn VHS sitting on the sofa and masturbating. In the following scene, we witness the debut of Francesca (Dana Ceci) in the world of porn. It’s a costume scene: the actress and her partner have sex dressed as ancient Egyptians.
Another porn movie, another scene. This time, they chained the woman for a BDSM movie. Soon after, Dana is acting in a satanic orgy.
The following sequence is a long sex scene between Dana Ceci and the porn actor who stars in the orgy, but this time a director does not direct them: it’s private pleasure.
Let’s go back to the set. In a clear homage to Sex and Zen, Dana Ceci engages in a sex scene.
All this experience in the world of hard develops a great erotic charge in the film’s protagonist, who returns home to her partner transformed into a sexual atomic bomb.

Nude scenes