Proibito Erotico

Directed By: Adolfo Lippi, Derek Ford, Paul Selvin


Domenico is an orchestral harassed by his wife. The unfortunate man imagines situations in which he is the protagonist of erotic adventures with fascinating women.
American producer Dick Randall produced this film with his own Roman company. The original plan was to make an episodic film by several directors.
There are many versions of the film. The best known are the French (Symphony of Love), Spanish (Sinfonía sexual), English (Erotic Fantasies), and Italian versions. Dialogue is completely absent from the first three. A soundtrack composed of classical music pieces accompanies the protagonist’s dreamlike visions.
The Italian version, entitled Proibito Erotico, has completely different editing. It’s a mix of original sequences, insert sequences, and even clips from The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. This version adds dialogues and changes the sequence of various episodes.
In this review, we will analyze the nude scenes of the Italian version, the most complete. Unknown actresses perform nude scenes in the first 18 minutes. In the eighteenth minute, the protagonist dreams of having sex in a gondola with the cashier of a cinema (Marina Daunia). Soon after, the protagonist has a dream set in the wax museum. Vivienne Sultan dances and undresses, remaining only in pantyhose. The statuesque body and perfect tits of this French actress are fabulous. Unfortunately, she hasn’t acted in any other films.
The third scene is of Ulla Johannsen, who practices a massage. For lovers of the chubby genre, there is Alessandra Vazzoler, who first dances naked with some of her friends, then eats her husband!
Five minutes later, the protagonist is spying on Ajita Wilson and Zaira Zoccheddu. The two are involved in a lesbian scene, which turns into a threesome when a man arrives. Anna Valentino is the protagonist of the long sequent scene, which takes place on the bank of a stream.
Karin Well plays the protagonist’s fellow violinist. In the first scene, she dreams of her while she is playing, completely naked. In the following scene, the two have sex.

Nude scenes