Cry of a Prostitute nude scenes

Cry of a Prostitute

Directed By: Andrea Bianchi


Cry of a Prostitute (original title Quelli che contano) is a movie that revolves around two characters: a former prostitute now married to an Italian mafia boss and a ruthless killer hired by the mafia leaders to bring order to the various rival gangs.
The prostitute falls in love with the killer, the killer kills everyone and in the end there are few who are saved.
There are films that are remembered for some major scene rather than for history. An example is Top sensation, which shows the beautiful Edwige Fenech struggling with a little goat. Another example is this movie, with a young Barbara Bouchet who in addition to showing us the naked body gives us a sequence in which she bites – but above all she sucks! – a banana. Very exciting…

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