Red Shoe Diaries (Season 4)

Directed By: Rafael Eisenman


The fourth incursion into Jake’s life. Indeed, into the lives of women who sent letters to Jake. Red Shoe Diaries narrates this. Jake’s girlfriend has died by suicide, unable to confess her betrayal to him. Jake wants to understand what was going on in her mind and places an ad in a newspaper. He asks women to share their betrayal stories with him.
His story is told in a film. In the first season of a television series, the letters arrive, and the series is renewed for a second and third season. And, again, this fourth season. Thirteen episodes full of naked actresses.
May Karasun strips off to have sex with her man in the first episode. At the end of the episode, the actress has a second sex scene. In the second episode, Audie England has sex on the kitchen table, then on the carpet in the living room, then on the bed.
Episode three: Hollie L. Hummel has sex with her boyfriend in the shower while Kathrin Nicholson spies on them. Eight minutes later it’s Kathrin Nicholson having sex, showing us a breathtaking full-frontal nude.
In the fourth episode, we witness two female prisoners taking a shower. They are Arroyn Lloyd and Jacqueline Lovell. We then get a glimpse of a lesbian sequence as a prison guard (Shannon Atteberry) enters the shower as well.
The fifth episode begins and ends with Kathrin Nicholson stripping. In episode six, Jacqueline Lovell plays a sexy teacher.
In episode seven, Kristi Frank swims in the pool completely naked. Sonya Ryzy-Ryski is the nude actress in episode eight. The girl has sex before and after a parachute jump.
Cyia Batten undresses and dances for us in episode nine. In episode 10, Dawn Whitaker has sex with a man in a nightclub after dancing with him. Later, Jennifer Burton has sex with the same man. Another two minutes and Bebe McGarry also have sex with him.
Alla Korot is the star of episode 11. The actress delights us with two intriguing sex scenes. In episode 12, Audie England returns. The actress meets a sexy guitarist in a laundromat. Later, the two have sex in a motel.
The last episode of the fourth season gives us Amber Smith naked. She and a man are shipwrecked on a desert island. The days pass slowly and something is needed to beat the boredom. Good sex is definitely the best solution.

Nude scenes