Directed By: Charles Matton


In 1976 the French director Charles Matton realize Spermula, with the provisional title L’amour est un fleuve en Russie. Some extraterrestrial vampires land on earth, headed by Dayle Haddon, who feed on man’s semen instead of blood. Excellent, it’s certainly more pleasant to have semen sucked than blood. Unfortunately for them, Dayle Haddon falls in love with an Earthman and gives up immortality for a night of love.
Spermula is a chaotic, confusing film that offers far less sex than it seems to promise. It has become a cult, even if is difficult to place it in a genre. Softcore? Science fiction? It doesn’t matter, we enjoy the nude sequences.
Dayle Haddon intrigues us for the duration of the film, but she only strips down at the end, for a sex scene. Fortunately, there is a long list of nude actresses besides her: Karin Petersen, Jocelyne Boisseau, Isabelle Mercanton, Mia Freye, Marie France, Myriam Mézières, Radiah Frye, Sylvie Matton, and Valérie Bonnier.

Nude scenes