Suburra: la serie (Season 1)

Directed By: Michele Placido


After the success of the movie of the same name, a TV series called Suburra was made two years later, dealing with the same topics. In some cases, there are the same characters and even the same actors from the film.
At the beginning of the first episode we are confronted with an orgy. There are a lot of naked actresses and among them we recognize Lorena Cesarini having doggy style sex with a man. We see Lorena Cesarini naked again toward the end of the episode, as she picks up the phone used to record sexual intercourse with a man. After the opening credits of the third episode there is still Lorena Cesarini naked, sleeping in a bed next to a guy. When he gets up, she wakes up and they start talking, then she also gets up and shows us a full-frontal nude with shaved pussy. The actress also gets naked in the fourth episode. We see her again lying in bed naked in the 32nd minute. At the end of episode five we admire the charming Carlotta Antonelli naked, entering a room wearing only panties and white hold-up stockings. A guy is waiting for her in bed. Carlotta approaches the bed and pulls off her panties, showing first her perfect ass, then a frontal nude as she enters the bed. Once in bed, the girl gets on top of him for sex. In the seventeenth minute of episode six, Barbara Chichiarelli is in bed with a man. When she hears a noise, she jumps out of the covers and we see her naked for a few moments, then wearing a transparent shirt. Nineteen minutes later Carlotta Antonelli tries on some sexy, transparent lingerie in front of the mirror. In the first minutes of the seventh episode Carlotta Antonelli is sleeping wearing the lingerie she wore in the previous episode. When her husband comes home and gets into bed, she gets on top of him to fuck, but he chases her away. Thirty-nine minutes later Claudia Gerini has sex with a guy. The last nude scene comes in the 24th minute of episode 10. Rosa Diletta Rossi is lying in bed next to a man. The two talk, then she gets on top of him and we see her breasts.

Nude scenes