Taste of Life

Directed By: Roland Reber


The original title of this film is Der Geschmack von Leben, which means Taste of Life. And what does life taste like for Nikki (Antje Mönning), the protagonist? Simple: the pleasure. Nikki has a vlog and guide across the country looking for people who can tell her their stories. While she does it, she enjoys every possible situation.
The film is full of breathtaking hot scenes. It opens with Antje Mönning kneeling in front of a man who is telling her story. He tells, she sucks him. Shortly after, the opening credits start, and Antje Mönning shows us her naked body. A moment later, Antje Mönning shows us a beautiful full-frontal nude with shaved pussy.
We are now at the lake, where Antje Mönning and Iris Boss bathe completely naked, then sit by the water to eat a sandwich. Nude, of course.
In the following scene, Ute Meisenheimer plays a woman trying to seduce her husband, in black lingerie and stockings. Unfortunately, with poor results.
Let’s go back to Antje Mönning, who in the following scene is riding a fake pig, topless, while she reads a book. The following two scenes take place in a wood. Antje Mönning is giving a non-simulated blowjob to a man leaning against a tree, while Yvette Costeau is having sex doggy style, also not simulated.
Antje Mönning got a taste for blowjobs, and in the following scene, she blows another guy with the help of her hands. The man cums in her mouth. In the following long scene, Antje Mönning is sitting on a bench. She is talking to some people, and she is the only one who is naked.
In the next scene, Iris Boss dances among several naked men who touch her. She is dressed in a sheer top, miniskirt, and black stockings. The latest nude scene is offered by Agnes Mai, who sings in a music video, chained, while a guy whips her lightly.

Nude scenes