The Rainbow

Directed By: Ken Russell


Twenty years after Women in Love, director Ken Russell directs his own prequel, entitled The Rainbow. The film chronicles the life of Ursula Brangwen (Sammi Davis), a late 19th-century schoolteacher discovering her sexuality.
In the twenty-second minute Amanda Donohoe and Sammi Davis undress, kiss, and run out of the house in the rain totally naked. The two actresses dive into a pond, then we see them naked in front of the fireplace. Six minutes later we admire Sammi Davis naked as a painter is portraying her. Twelve minutes later Amanda Donohoe takes off her clothes and shows us a full-frontal nude, then enters the bed where Sammi Davis is waiting for her. Forty-seven minutes later Sammi Davis naked gets out of bed where she was sleeping with a guy and walks to the window sill. In the last hot scene of the film, Amanda Donohoe and Sammi Davis run totally naked through a field of flowers.

Nude scenes