The Reader

Directed By: Stephen Daldry


A man recalls his love affair with a woman older than him in 1958 West Germany. He is a young student, she works as a ticket inspector on the streetcar lines in Neustadt. Every day they meet, he reads her a book, then they have sex. She disappears when she gets a promotion, he starts law school. In the days that follow, the man discovers that the woman is in prison for crimes she committed in Nazi times.
At the beginning of the film we can see Jeanette Hain totally naked in a very short sequence. The actress is walking around the house naked. Seven minutes later a guy spies Kate Winslet, who is getting dressed in another room. The woman puts on her stockings and lifts her leg to show the bush. Five minutes later we are watching Kate Winslet standing naked behind a guy who has just gotten out of the bathtub. She covers him with a towel. When he turns to her they kiss. Immediately afterwards the two have sex with great transportation. A couple of minutes later we watch another beautiful sex sequence between the two. Kate Winslet is totally naked and lying on her back, with one leg up and resting on the shoulder of the guy, who is standing over her. A minute later the guy is lying in bed. Kate walks over to him and sits on the bed, totally naked. The woman lies down next to him, and the two start chatting. Two minutes later, the actress is undressing and meanwhile argues with the guy and asks him to leave. When she is totally naked, she slips into the warm water of the bathtub to relax. He sits on the edge of the tub and talks to her. The following scene presents various moments in the couple’s life of the two main characters. Some fucking is included. Five minutes later the guy is sitting on the shore of a river. Kate Winslet is bathing wearing only her underwear, and when she comes out of the water her wet bra has become completely transparent. Forty-three minutes later the guy is having sex with Karoline Herfurth in a bed. The next scene features Kate Winslet naked leaning against a sink in a prison cell. This is the last nude scene in the film, but there are additional nude scenes that were deleted in the final cut. In one scene, Kate Winslet wears a white dress with sheer lace at breast height, which allows her nipples to be seen. In another scene, the actress sits on a table totally naked and spreads her legs to accommodate the guy in front of her.

Nude scenes