Transparent (Season 2)

Directed By: Joey Soloway


The stories told in the first season of Transparent continue, with insights and new details. The second season opens with a gay marriage that ends before it begins and introduces a background of the main character that takes us back in time.
But let’s get to the classic question of our users: are there naked actresses? Yup.
In the first episode, Hari Nef dances at a party in a see-through dress. In the third episode, Gaby Hoffmann is naked in a bed with Carrie Brownstein. We have to wait until the end of the fourth episode to see another nude, but Amy Landecker rewards us with a stunning full-frontal nude. The beautiful Amy Landecker is still naked in the fifth episode, in a sauna, together with Gaby Hoffmann. In the seventh episode, it’s again Amy Landecker who turns us on, this time in black lingerie, while a man caresses her tits.
The ninth episode takes us to a music festival where almost all the women dance with their breasts in the wind. In the episode, we can admire the nudes of Gaby Hoffmann, Beth Lisick, and Jiz Lee, who introduce Amy Landecker to BDSM.

Nude scenes