Transparent (Season 4)

Directed By: Joey Soloway


Summary of previous episodes (and seasons): Mort Pfefferman is a retired teacher who brings his sons together to give them shocking news: he has always felt like a woman. From this moment, Mort becomes Maura and all family members will have to deal with this revelation. A very beautiful television series, which never misses out. In this fourth season, the Pfefferman family is on a journey to Israel, symbolic in many ways.
If we have to find fault with Transparent, it’s the systematic decline of the nudes. In the first season and the second season, we enjoyed several hot scenes, while in the third they dropped a lot. The fourth offers us only four sequences, which are still very exciting.
In the second episode, Alia Shawkat and Amy Landecker are engaged in a very intriguing lesbian sex scene. Amy is dressed, and Alia shows us her soft and beautiful tits. Alia Shawkat and Amy Landecker are also the protagonists of the only nude scene of the fourth episode.
In episode six, Amy Landecker is getting fucked doggy style while she watches Alia Shawkat naked on a webcam.
Guess who are the nude actresses in the tenth episode? That’s right, Alia Shawkat and Amy Landecker. In the last nude scene of the season, we admire these two beauties engaged in a threesome.

Nude scenes