Transporter: The Series (Season 1) nude scenes

Transporter: The Series (Season 1)

Directed By: Brad Turner, Bruce McDonald


The transporter is a long action saga created by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. It is made up of some films and a television series. The films did not give us many nude scenes, except the second chapter, while the first season of the television series has been very satisfying. Nude actresses in almost all episodes!
The first episode starts with Delphine Chanéac coming out of the water naked, then we have Moon Dailly, taking off her bathrobe showing off her perfect body. In the second episode Marina Tseva and Emily Coutts undress.
In the third episode, Rachel Skarsten shows us her tits and ass as she tries on various lingerie items. In the fifth episode, Andrea Osvárt does not undress completely but excites us with her underwear. A couple of episodes later it’s Andrea Osvárt again to turn us on, this time with her turgid nipples pushing under her tight shirt. And it’s Osvárt again, one episode later, who intrigues us with a nice hot scene. In the ninth episode, Delphine Chanéac returns and in the tenth, we can admire Samantha Farrow‘s boobs.

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