Tutti Frutti vol. 2 nude scenes

Tutti Frutti vol. 2

Directed By: NA


We’ve talked to you a hundred times about the famous sexy quiz Colpo Grosso. And we also talked about his German version: Tutti Frutti. We have dedicated a review to this transmission, but obviously we need at least two reviews because there is so much to talk about between strip and EuroGirls.
Among the various nude beauties are the Asian Laminah Jones, the pornstar Michelle Collins (AKA Michelle Montague), the intriguing Nadia Visintainer… And again Petra Vieten, an actress who had a small part in the famous soap Dallas. Do you want other names? The actress Sandra Wild and the curvy Tiziana D’Arcangelo. Finally Susanna Farcach, a softcore model who also acted in some hardcore films, but only in soft sequences.

Nude scenes