Waidmannsheil im Spitzenhöschen

Directed By: Jürgen Enz


In order to make his life more comfortable, a disgraced count comes up with an idea. To attract hunting tourism, he transforms his hunting lodge into a hotel. Clients arrive, but they seem more interested in fucking than in hunting.
The first to undress is Sandra Atia, who plays an unfortunate hitchhiker. Christa Abel delights us with her huge boobs, in a fun sex scene, to the rhythm of a soundtrack that looks like the 8-Bit jingle of an old video game. Shortly after, we can admire Sandra Atia naked a couple of more times. The actress is engaged in two scenes of sex and tongue kisses.
Christa Abel’s big tits are the stars of the next scene. A few customers arrive at the hotel and, with them, new sex scenes arrive. Eleonore Melzer and Christine Neona offer the first two. Sabine Rohrmann is alone and shows us a frontal nude in the bathtub.
Soon after, one of our favorite scenes from this movie: Eleonore Melzer and Christine Neona are in a meadow, dressed only in lingerie, stockings, and garter belts, and they engage in sapphic sex. The same wood is the setting for Eleonore Melzer, Dorle Buchner, Christine Neona, and Sabine Rohrmann to please four men in four sex scenes. Sabine Rohrmann and Eleonore Melzer give us the last two passionate scenes of the film.

Nude scenes