Valentina Valentina

Directed By: Alessandro Perrella


Valentina Valentina is a film directed by Alessandro Perrella, but it seems like yet another “cut and paste” job by director Lorenzo Onorati, who is the writer. There are several new sequences, but also many scenes from Abat-Jour 2 and Il sofà.
In an escort school, the various students tell their lives. Valentine Demy summarizes her experiences and then begins her escort job at a vicious noble home.
Many interesting sequences. Lori Ghidini whips Luana Borgia in a soft BDSM sequence. Valentine Demy practices auto-eroticism, first of her alone and then together with another woman. Luana Borgia seduces Valentine Demy and then they kiss and lick each other on a bed. And much more!

Nude scenes