Directed By: Guido Lotti


A woman has troubling visions in which someone dies stabbed. A friend introduces her to a girl who has the exact same visions. The two go to a medium to try to understand what is happening.
Visioni is a direct-to-video film made in 1995 by Guido Lotti. A very rare movie. It’s the only film in which we can admire Debora Vernetti as the leading actress. And we can admire her naked, of course.
Debora Vernetti is an actress who has a lot of admirers, but her works are not many. She was a contender and EuroGirl of Colpo Grosso and Tutti Frutti, she’s present in the cast of the films Paprika and Boutique and not much else.
In addition to Debora Vernetti, there are other very interesting nude actresses in the film. Claudia Cavalcanti undresses a couple of times and takes an invigorating shower. Silvie Pariset gives us very interesting sequences, including an unmissable lesbian scene with Marina Suma.

Nude scenes